Wonderland Escrow Coachella Valley is a company with some of the best and brightest escrow processing agents in the industry. With decades of collective experience, Wonderland is the best choice in the Coachella Valley for helping you secure your most important asset: your home.

ana sanchez


Ana Sanchez started in the Title Industry in the 2001 as a Title Assistant, After a few year, she transferred within the company to the Escrow division as an Escrow Assistant and was quickly promoted to an Escrow Officer because of her work ethic and attention to detail. Working in the industry between 2005-2008 gave Ana valuable experience in both sales and refinances. When the market turned in 2008 , Ana began working closely with banks, handling approximately 100-200 refinances and 50-60 sales a month to a foreclosure market. In 2015, Ana accepted a transfer to Lawyers Title to work in their Fannie Mae division which gave her the opportunity to learn various state rules and regulations and increase her knowledge of how escrow works in states beyond California. In 2022, Ana accepted a position with Wonderland Escrow and is looking forward to assisting her clients in sales, refinances, mobile homes and lease land.

Gina malloch

senior Escrow officer

Meet Gina Malloch, an Escrow Officer with Wonderland Escrow in Coachella Valley. With a career spanning 28 years in the escrow industry, Gina is recognized for her expertise in managing complex escrow processes smoothly and efficiently. Her commitment to excellence ensures every client receives a seamless and stress-free escrow experience. Gina thrives on challenges and enjoys solving problems that others might consider insurmountable. Her passion for her work and the camaraderie with her colleagues are what she values most about her job. A typical day for Gina is fully immersed in all aspects of escrow, always striving to provide the best possible service. Gina is a vital member of the Wonderland Escrow team, appreciated for her dedication and the positive impact she makes daily.

diana salazar

Senior Escrow Assistant

Meet Diana Salazar, the efficient Escrow Assistant for Gina Malloch at Wonderland Escrow in Coachella Valley. Diana excels in managing the detailed aspects of the escrow process, from preparing documentation to coordinating with all transaction parties. Her meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure smooth and successful escrow transactions. Diana’s dedication and expertise make her an integral part of the team, consistently helping to exceed client expectations and uphold Wonderland Escrow’s reputation for excellence.




vanessa garcia

Escrow Assistant

Vanessa Garcia started in escrow in 2018 as a receptionist for Lawyers Title and within a year she transitioned to being an escrow assistant.  Having previously worked in customer service, Vanessa takes pride in providing high-quality service and developing customer relationships with great attention to detail, a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

Begonia Saubel

Senior Escrow Assistant

Begonia Saubel started her career in escrow in 2014 in Palm Springs, after working in the Residential Leasing department of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She is well versed in Tribal Trust Land. She has worked with both refinances and sales to bring customers to a successful and prompt closing. She is well rounded and willing to help in all aspects of escrow and title, which included her most recent position working directly with the title department utilizing the e-recording system to record documents directly with the different counties in California. She is focused on providing all customers a positive experience by maintaining a high level of interaction throughout the escrow process.

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